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Pet's name: Lester

Family member names: Caroline Moffitt-Lawton (Lester's mom)

Type of animal/breed: Pug , Very Handsome Pug!

Male or Female: Male

Pet's age:  16 years old 

Why did you get your pet? 

Because he was too handsome and he was too irresistible. It was love at first sight!!

Is there a story behind its name?

No. Just a very unique name for a very handsome pug.

Anything special or unusual about them (talents/quirks)? 

Lester is a show dog. When he goes to shows, people flock to take his picture and Lester poses for them. He is such a little ham!

What do you like best about your pet?

Well, where do I start... He aims to please. He always keeps me company while I work and makes sure I stay on task.

How spoiled is your pet?

Very!! The baby is very spoiled and does not know he is a dog. I believe that Lester thinks that every day is a fun day and that he is the show.

What else should we know about your pet and/or how your pet has enriched your home/family? 

He makes me laugh on a daily basis!